Songwriting & Theory

Some people don’t believe that songwriting can be taught…well I assure you it can by learning a bit of music theory.

If you struggle to write music naturally, then by learning music theory you will know what chords/notes work with what and why, allowing you to get writing. In return, this will also train your ears to be better so that in time, you’ll be able to write naturally while understanding what you are writing too.
If you have already been writing music without thinking about music theory, then this is great. I’ve been studying music theory for 12 years and I still write using my ear, and then I think about what I have written with my knowledge of music theory afterwards (this isn’t a necessity of course, i just personally like to know what i have written). However, we all have those days where we think we’re never going to be able to write music and lyrics again (more commonly known as writer’s block). Therefore, on a day like this with some knowledge of music theory, you will instantly have options in your head of what chords/notes are going to work with your starting chord and be able to try and test sequences instantly.
In regards to writing lyrics, there’s nothing quite better than being inspired by an experience or a situation, so that your lyrics are true and have meaning. However, I can teach you ways of structuring and finding lyrics when feeling uninspired, so that you’ll be able to try and test lyrics instantly.

I teach all aspects of songwriting and music theory with a step by step process. The process is simple and easy to comprehend, so be sure to get in touch if you want to learn how to improve on your writing or how to get writing.

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