Guitar Lessons

The playing styles I teach are Pop, Rock, Blues, Indie, Funk, Reggae, Metal, Jazz, Acoustic and other associated contemporary styles and techniques. While my teaching is consistent with what you need to learn, it is balanced with what you want to learn too; ensuring your learning experience is bespoke to you and your needs. I can also take you through a more focused and structured approach of learning with Rockschool grades if you like. All would be discussed in advance of the first lesson, so that I know exactly how you want to learn and what approach to take.

I prefer to teach guitar privately on a one to one basis, as I feel that’s the most effective way of learning. However, I also do group sessions with children in schools (I currently teach guitar at Salterforth Primary SchoolEarby Springfield Primary SchoolCoates Lane Primary SchoolBarnoldswick CE Primary School and Gisburn Road Primary School) and I like to run guitar workshops.

Be sure to get in touch if you require guitar lessons or if you want me to come and run a workshop; I’m very patient and always make sure a topic is well understood before moving on.

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