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Weekly Update 20th Jan 2013

20 Jan


I hope all is well with you if you’re reading this. With me, I now properly feel back in to the swing of it with all things musical and it feels good. Along with teaching going well this week, I’ve enjoyed rehearsals with the No_Peace band, GizByrneThe Indiependence and a rapping session with Massive Paws 🙂

In my last update I mentioned I’d been mixing a recording for my friend Richard Beckwith (drummer of Midlife). Its now been uploaded to his SoundCloud page and you can hear it here –> http://soundcloud.com/richardbeckwith/shell-of-a-broken-man.
Becky called me round and played me an A Capella recording off his phone which he had sang, it was well structured and he asked me to put some music to it. When I was happy with the guitar parts I had written, I then took my recording setup to his house and we recorded it in one night. I mixed it at my house and what you hear is what it is, enjoy!

I have a couple of gigs this week:

Thurs 24th Jan I’m playing with the No_Peace band in a Battle of the Bands above the Duke of Lancaster in Colne, 7.30pm onwards. If you like rapping and heavy riffs, then you’re going to love it. We hope to see you there as your support/hollering is much needed!
On Sat 26th Jan I’m playing at Green Street in Barnoldswick with GizByrne (me and my good friend Andy Byrne), 8.30pm onwards. We’re looking forward to playing together for the first time this year and we’ve been working on quite a few new songs, so we hope to see you there and your support is much appreciated.


Giz X


Weekly Update 13th Jan 2013

14 Jan


Last week was a tough one getting back in to the swing of things after 3 weeks off at Christmas. However, it was enjoyable too and good to be teaching guitar again!

As well as teaching, I also enjoyed rehearsals and get together’s with GizByrne (we got 2 new songs added to the set), The Indiependence (we wrote and practised the setlist for our first gig, which is on Sat 9th Feb at Rolls Royce in Barlick), Bashphelt (we decided on new songs we’re going to learn) and the No_Peace band (we ran through our set last night ready for our gig at the Duke of Lancaster in Colne, Thurs 24th Jan).

With any spare time I had last week, I was on Pro Tools editing and mixing a recording for my mate Richard Beckwith. It will be online and all will be explained soon.

I don’t have any gigs to promote this week, my next gig (as stated above) is on Thurs 24th Jan with the No_Peace band. It’s a battle of the bands competition above the Duke of Lancaster in Colne, we’re all looking forward to it and your support is much appreciated. I’m also playing with GizByrne at Green Street in Barnoldswick on Sat 26th Jan.

Have a good week 🙂


Giz X

New Website

1 Sep


Welcome to my new website. My name is Andrew Robert Gilmour (better know as ‘Giz’ to the people that know me best) and I’m a Guitarist, Songwriter and Producer from North West England. From now on, this is where I will publish all of what is going on in my life with Music. Whether it be about a gig, my teaching, a new record I have produced/mixed or a new song I have written; from now on I will be babbling on here.

Thanks in advance for your support.