My Mum and Dad got me a guitar for Christmas in 1996 and I’ve never put it down since. In this time I’ve become a grade 8 (Rockschool) guitarist and I studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford, where I gained a distinction in contemporary guitar & performance.

I currently play live (electric guitar) with Suburban Symphony, BashpheltNo_Peace and Finger Waggers. I also play acoustic gigs with Tom & GizGizByrneThe IndiependenceHobo Chic and No_Peace. Over the years I’ve performed with other bands too such as Bad Taste, Inflatable Love Sheep, White Widow, The Hillside Development Project, Shatinga, Craig’s Sister Darren, Red Confusion, Quango and many other bands and artists requiring my services as a guitarist.
As well as playing live, I’ve also been a recording guitarist since the year 2000. I remember my first time in the studio really well, as it was with my band at the time ‘Inflatable Love Sheep’ recording a 3 track EP (a band name I will never forget). Since then, I’ve recorded in the studio more times than I can remember with the above projects and when needed as a session guitarist.

If your guitarist is unable to do an upcoming gig, then please do get in touch as I would be happy to fill their boots if I’m available. As well as being a competent guitarist, I’m also a competent backing vocalist that can pitch harmonies instantly, I can read music and I can improvise in pretty much any style and any key. Therefore, if you require a guitarist whether it be for a gig or a recording session, then please do get in touch.

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