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Weekly Update 20th Jan 2013

20 Jan


I hope all is well with you if you’re reading this. With me, I now properly feel back in to the swing of it with all things musical and it feels good. Along with teaching going well this week, I’ve enjoyed rehearsals with the No_Peace band, GizByrneThe Indiependence and a rapping session with Massive Paws 🙂

In my last update I mentioned I’d been mixing a recording for my friend Richard Beckwith (drummer of Midlife). Its now been uploaded to his SoundCloud page and you can hear it here –>
Becky called me round and played me an A Capella recording off his phone which he had sang, it was well structured and he asked me to put some music to it. When I was happy with the guitar parts I had written, I then took my recording setup to his house and we recorded it in one night. I mixed it at my house and what you hear is what it is, enjoy!

I have a couple of gigs this week:

Thurs 24th Jan I’m playing with the No_Peace band in a Battle of the Bands above the Duke of Lancaster in Colne, 7.30pm onwards. If you like rapping and heavy riffs, then you’re going to love it. We hope to see you there as your support/hollering is much needed!
On Sat 26th Jan I’m playing at Green Street in Barnoldswick with GizByrne (me and my good friend Andy Byrne), 8.30pm onwards. We’re looking forward to playing together for the first time this year and we’ve been working on quite a few new songs, so we hope to see you there and your support is much appreciated.


Giz X


Weekly Update 13th Jan 2013

14 Jan


Last week was a tough one getting back in to the swing of things after 3 weeks off at Christmas. However, it was enjoyable too and good to be teaching guitar again!

As well as teaching, I also enjoyed rehearsals and get together’s with GizByrne (we got 2 new songs added to the set), The Indiependence (we wrote and practised the setlist for our first gig, which is on Sat 9th Feb at Rolls Royce in Barlick), Bashphelt (we decided on new songs we’re going to learn) and the No_Peace band (we ran through our set last night ready for our gig at the Duke of Lancaster in Colne, Thurs 24th Jan).

With any spare time I had last week, I was on Pro Tools editing and mixing a recording for my mate Richard Beckwith. It will be online and all will be explained soon.

I don’t have any gigs to promote this week, my next gig (as stated above) is on Thurs 24th Jan with the No_Peace band. It’s a battle of the bands competition above the Duke of Lancaster in Colne, we’re all looking forward to it and your support is much appreciated. I’m also playing with GizByrne at Green Street in Barnoldswick on Sat 26th Jan.

Have a good week 🙂


Giz X

Gigs Last Weekend, Teaching In Schools & Massala Room On Friday

25 Sep

What an enjoyable weekend of gigs and I didn’t even have to leave my home town of Barnoldswick! Cheers to those who came to either or both, your support is much appreciated.

On Friday I played with my good friend Andy Byrne (together we are ‘GizByrne‘) at the Con Club. We tried out a few new covers by The Calling, The Stone Roses and the Scissor Sisters. All seemed to go down well so they’re definitely keepers! Our next gig is on Saturday 6th October at the Cellar Bar in Barnoldswick, we hope you can make it.
On Saturday I played at Green Street with Bashphelt, it was great to see the place packed out like the old days and I think a great night was had by all! Our next gig is at The Cross Keys in Barnoldswick on Sat 24th November. We’re going to get some new songs sorted for then and we hope to see you there.

I’ve begun to seek morning work teaching guitar at primary schools from my area of Pendle. This morning I’ve been confirmed to go in to Earby Springfield School and do a presentation on Guitar in front of 90 pupils next Tuesday……I’m more scared aout doing this than anything I’ve ever done I think! It should be fun at the same time though and I’m looking forward to it.

Friday 28th September – Me and Tom (from bashphelt) are playing at the Massala Room in Foulridge, 7.30pm onwards. I can’t think of anything better than having a curry and listening to Tom’s voice! If you’re wanting to book a table then give me a shout and I’ll sort it out for you.

Thanks for reading!


Pendle IMP Festival & This Week’s Gigs

17 Sep

Well, I think I can say on behalf of everyone who was there that Pendle IMP Festival was a top do! Well done to Pete Compo & Co for organising a great event for our fine area of Burnley & Pendle.
I performed with Finger Waggers at 1pm on the Saturday where I played Guitar and did some rapping, I really enjoyed it and I look forward to performing with them again in future. I also performed with Gizesque at 5pm and felt it was the best we’ve played in ages. We were also being streamed live to a household in Colne via an iPhone (facetime) to a MacBook which is a first! Big thanks to those who watched us and thanks for your support.
It was Joe’s (our guitarist) last gig with us as he’s moving to Stafford while he trains to become a paramedic. I would like to say a public thanks to him for all his efforts with the band and we wish him all the best for the future. Mainly, I will miss our Friday morning Breakfast sessions 🙂

This week I’m performing twice in my home town of Barnoldswick:

Fri 21st Sept – GizByrne at the Con Club, 8.30pm onwards.
Sat 22nd Sept – Bashphelt at Green Street, 8.30pm onwards.

Thanks in advance for your support and I hope to see you in Barnoldswick on either Friday or Saturday!



Barn Boogie 5, Gizesque & Pendle IMP Festival

10 Sep

What a night on Saturday at Barn Boogie 5, I really enjoyed it and thanks to those who watched and listened to us (Bashphelt).

There were great performances all round from Tom Richardson (who i also went to watch on thursday), Emmott and The Folkestra, Vicky & The Big Combo and Cover Story. All bands and staff did a top job and a great night was had by all.
In regards to our performance with Bashphelt, there were a few technical hitches but we just fought through it and all was well in the end. One thing I have learnt from it, is that I need to stop throwing my Ernie Ball Music Man guitar on the floor in a Rock n Roll manner at the end of the last song! It’s the third time I’ve done it with that guitar and for some weird reason, each time I’ve felt that I’ve needed to do it! It’s not big and it’s not clever….but it’s not broken either so all is good 🙂

Yesterday we (Gizesque) had a rehearsal in preperation for our performance this Saturday at the Pendle IMP Festival. All was well and we’re looking forward to it very much. People from Burnley and Pendle, be sure to get a ticket and let’s have a good one!


Gig with Hobo Chic then Open Mic

3 Sep

Well, it’s been a great weekend of gigs with Hobo Chic, who has now set off down South for a month or so to help build a boat!

Our gig yesterday at the Cross Keys was great. We more or less played to just friends and family, but it was a top atmosphere and it gave us an opportunity to try out some new covers and get some honest feedback. I’m looking forward to October when he returns when we can play again and try out even more new songs.

The gig finished about 7pm and I then headed to the Cellar Bar where we played on Friday night, as they host an open mic night once a month. I got up with Tony Edwards to perform 3 tracks and I also got up with Lissy Nicholson, a 10 year old girl who I currently mentor. Both performances went really well and I’m looking forward to performing with them again in future.

I’ve got a busy week of teaching ahead, 4 rehearsals and a gig at Barn Boogie 5 with Bashphelt on Saturday. It’s an annual event in Thornton-in-Craven and 500 tickets have been sold, so it should be a good night! I’ll see you there if you’re there!


Gig last night with Hobo Chic, we’re playing again on Sunday…

1 Sep


Cheers to those who came to the Cellar Bar in Barnoldswick last night to watch me and Hobo Chic, the atmosphere was brilliant and the support was much appreciated!

If you missed us you can see us again tomorrow at The Cross Keys in Barnoldswick, 4pm onwards. Kids are welcome so it should be a great family afternoon if you fancy an outing.

Check Hobo Chic and my good friend Thomas Hargreaves out in this video below and hopefully see you tomorrow at The Cross Keys 🙂