No More Updates On Here….

9 Jun

Guitar (pic by Simone Nuttall)

Hi guys,

As you can see I’ve got terribly bad at updating this website. To be quite honest, I quite simply don’t have the time each week to write a blog anymore. However,  I update my Facebook page and my Twitter account regularly with what I’m up to musically. Therefore, if anyone reading this pops back here to read my updates (which I highly doubt) I am sorry and please go and like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter for regular updates.

To try and cut a long story short, since my last update (the one below this which was March 2013 not March 2014!) I still teach guitar at 4 primary schools, I won a pride of Barnoldswick award in June 2013 (apparantely for my teaching and the inspiration I provide to a generation of young musicians), I’ve moved house twice, been to Tenerife, been to Amserdam, been to Glasgow, started a new band called Suburban Symphony, played many gigs with the acts that are listed in the Guitar section of this site, bought a Mesa Boogie amp which Im absolutely buzzing about and all in all had some really good times with friends and family.

Like I said, if you want updates please do ‘like’ my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Below is video of my new band Suburban Symphony which I hope you like and thanks for the support:


Giz X

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