Weekly Update 7th March

7 Mar

Hello there.

Well, these weekly updates just get later and later don’t they! I’m not going to be unprofessional and tell you why I didn’t do it on Monday morning….but the word begins with J and ends in bomb and it’s a drink that the Greyhound in Barnoldswick serve where I was with great people enjoying great music on Sunday 🙂

Monday (25th Feb) – I teach in Salterforth Primary on a Monday and I’m teaching them a lot of new material at the moment which seems to be going really well.
Tuesday – I teach at Earby Springfield Primary on a Tuesday and the students there are also learning a lot of new material. Both Salterforth & Earby primary are all really quick learners and I’m looking forward to getting them up in front of their piers to perform a concert before they break up for Easter. At night time I went round to Tony’s to have a jam with The Indiependence. However, he was sounding very much like a walrus so we just wrote a set list instead for our gig on the Saturday.
Wednesday – After a day of private teaching, Tom caffled on Bashphelt practise so I had a night of relaxing with the missus.
Thursday – Me and Andy Byrne (GizByrne) recorded some videos, something we have been wanting to do for a while. We recorded them on my iPhone and they’re reyt enough. Please do go over to our page to watch them.
Friday – I gave a few private lessons and did some guitar practise myself. To be honest, due to teaching a lot I’m probably not practising enough to be ‘great’ at Flamenco…but I’m getting a little bit better I think.
Saturday – We had our 2nd gig with The Indiependence, which was at Green Street in Barnoldswick. We’ve only been jamming together since August and we’ve got a 38 song repertoire. On that night, because we’re really nice blokes we played them all! It was tiring but we were just really enjoying ourselves and our mates were blagging us to play more. It was a great night, thanks to those who came and our next gig is on Sun 31st March at the Strategy. The time of the gig is TBC…hopefully it will be during the day though.
Sunday – I met up with the No_Peace band for a jam early afternoon. Bob was ill but we soldiered on and went through our repertoire. We’ve got quite a few new ideas for songs too which we talked about. After this I went to The Greyhound in Barnoldswick for Lewis Bannister from Cert 21‘s 18th birthday party/open mic day. I did a set where I got different people who I play with up and it went a bit like this – Lissy Nicholson kicked off the set in fine style where we did 3 tracks, then Andy from GizByrne got up with his kazoo to do 3 tracks, then one of my students Brooke Phipps got up and sang for the first time ever in front of a crowd and did amazingly well, then Tone from The Indiependence got up and did a few tracks. We were happy to please the birthday boy Lewis and end on ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ which he requested. Noel Gallagher heard about this, then went and played it to finish his set at the Comic Relief concert last night didn’t he!

Just the one public gig this week, which is with Tom Hargreaves from Bashphelt at the Stone Trough in Kelbrook on Sunday (Mothers Day), 12-3pm. If you want to have a meal and be entertained by me and Tom at the same time then call them now to book on 01282 844844.


Giz X

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