Weekly Update 27th Feb 2013

27 Feb

Weekly Update:

Oreyt. I’m rather late with a weekly update this week as I usually do it on a Monday morning. However, a lie in was required on Monday before I started teaching at 12 as I’ve been feeling like dogger. I’m feeling much better now though.

Monday & Tuesday – I had no rehearsals on these days and as the schools were on half term, I used the time to catch up with general life stuff and organise some gigs as well as private teaching.
Wednesday – I was teaching privately during the day then I had a jam with the Bashphelt boys at night time. We had a good laugh jamming through some old songs of ours that we used to play when we were called Inflatable Love Sheep. Thursday – I had a good jam with Tom Hargreaves (from bashphelt) where we added in a few new songs to our acoustic set.
Friday – During the day I was recording Tom Richardson‘s vocal parts for his forthcoming EP, we got 2/4 tracks done and we’re going to record the other 2 tracks this week. At night time, me and Tom Hargreaves had an acoustic gig at the Cellar Bar & Bistro Barnoldswick. It was a top night where we played the new songs that we learnt the previous night and they seemed to go down well. After we played an acoustic version of ‘Boom Shake The Room’ at the end, a guy called Kirk who we had never met before asked if we knew ‘Getting Jiggy With It’. The answer was no. However, he knew all the words so we made up some chords on guitar and he stole the show. Thanks for that Kirk! It was hilarious though and I couldn’t believe he knew all the words.
Saturday – I had a gig at Rolls-Royce Leisure performing with Lissy Nicholson where we supported Red Confusion for their re-launch gig with a new singer. We were on first and considering the sound problems we encountered, Lissy did really well and gave a good top account of herself. Her level of professionalism for an 11 year old is unbelievable.
Following us were Midlife who had only played their first ever gig the night before. They were brilliant and a lot of fun to watch 🙂 It was strange for me as I’ve taught the guitarists in the band (Merx & Riles) from scratch. However, they haven’t had a lesson in a while as they’ve been busy at band camp and I was really proud of how they did. Onwards and upwards for Midlife!
Following Midlife were a band called Spacebats who I’ve never seen before. I really enjoyed their set and technically as musicians they were a spectacle! I’ll definitely be watching them again.
Last but not least were Red Confusion, performing for the first time with their new singer Mark Wright. After watching Spacebats, I’ve got to be honest I was thinking it was a bad idea for them to pick Spacebats as a supporting act as they were tremendous! However, Red Confusion certainly stepped up to the plate big time! Mark did great and the new covers they have brought in are great choices, particularly Plan B’s ‘Stay Too Long’. Good luck to them and I’m looking forward to seeing the lads play again soon! All round it was a great night had by all I reckon.
Sunday – I spent the afternoon recording Bob’s guitar parts for the forthcoming No_Peace EP. We got 3/5 tracks done and we’re going to get the other 2 tracks done this week. At night time I went to open mic night at the Cellar Bar where I performed 4 songs with Lissy Nicholson and 6 songs with The Indiependence. Again, Lissy was brilliant and the 2 new songs sounded like we’ve been playing them forever. The songs with The Indiependence went down really well too and 3 of them were brand new.

Just the one gig this week which is at Green Street in Barnoldswick with The Indiependence, 8.30pm onwards. We’ve put 6 new songs in to the set compared to our last gig. It was meant to be 10…then 8…now it’s 6 🙂 We’ve both been mad busy though so we’re happy that we’ve even got 6 together and we hope to see you there. Thanks in advance for your support.


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