Weekly Update 18th Feb 2013

18 Feb


It’s been a nervous week for me leading up to a battle of the bands final (which was yesterday) and its also been a busy week with rehearsals and teaching.

Monday – I went round to Tone’s to have a jam (together we are The Indiependence). Our aim is to get 10 new songs sorted for our next gig which is Sat 2nd March at Green Street in Barnoldswick. We got 5 sorted that night which is good going!
Tuesday – It was generally just a busy day of teaching and practising guitar, which is always a good day.
Wednesday – I started the day jamming with my good friend Andy Byrne (together we are GizByrne), we’re due to play a wedding in early March so we’re practising for that at the moment. We’re also aiming to have 4 videos online and a new song written by the time the wedding comes.
Thursday – I had another jam with Tone where we just went through the 5 songs that we sorted out on Monday night and had a brew.
Friday – I had a general day of admin and sorting things out, no matter what you do in life unfortunately paper work needs to be done at times!
Saturday – I had an enjoyable recording session with Tom Richardson, where we recorded the rest of the guitar parts for his EP. We’re going to record his vocals at some point this week which I’m looking forward to.

Sunday – We competed with the No_Peace band in a battle of the bands final at the Duke of Lancaster in Colne. I’ve been performing for 15 years but I was honestly feeling sick with nerves. However, after the first chord I was fine. Nerves are good though, they keep you on your toes and stop you from becoming complacent. I think giving yourself a reason to be a bit nervous is a good idea, so that you’re on your toes (keeping things fresh with a new song and changing the set around etc). However, the fact that we were playing in a battle of the bands final was enough to be nervous about and I didn’t need any more reasons!
The first band on were a band from York called Pine For Cedars. They reminded me of the sound Incubus had on the ‘A Crow Left of the Murder’ album and I enjoyed it.
The second band were Molly Bloom who I can quite simply say were tremendous. They’ve been together 12 years so they were super tight and I’ve never seen a band fuse together so many styles. They were all great players too and were really fun to watch.
The third band were my mates Emmott & The Folkestra, who as always were fantastic. I have a feeling that if they keep writing and playing at the rate they currently are, then there’s no reason why they’re not going to go far with their Punk driven upbeat Folk style.
The fourth band were us. We added a new intro to the set and a freestyle in the middle of the set compared to our last gig. It was only our 6th gig in 2 years and our 3rd gig with the current line up, so people don’t really know us and we’re trying to win people over at the moment. However, I like to think we have new fans after yesterday and it’s onwards and upwards.
Unfortunately, we didn’t win and the winners were Molly Bloom who thoroughly deserved it. All in all though it was a top day and I’m sure everyone would agree.

I have a couple of gigs this week:

Fri 22nd Feb – Me and Tom (the better half of Bashphelt) are playing an acoustic set at the Cellar Bar in Barnoldswick, 8.30pm onwards. We’re going to try adding in a load of new songs so we hope to see you there!
Sat 23rd Feb – Red Confusion who I used to play with are re-launching at Rolls-Royce Leisure in Barnoldswick with their new singer (Mark Wright). I’m performing with Lissy Nicholson who I mentor and we’re opening the show at 8pm. Lissy is only 11 and is a great singer, be sure to get there from the start to show your support.


Giz X

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