Weekly Update 11th Feb 2013

11 Feb


Its certainly been my busiest week of 2013 so far but an enjoyable one. Amongst teaching I enjoyed rehearsals with Bashphelt, The Indiependence, GizByrne & No_Peace. However, I also enjoyed gigs with No_Peace, Bashphelt & The Indiependence.

Monday – I did a guitar assembly at my old primary school (Gisburn Road). It went really well and I’m due to start teaching there after half term.
Tuesday – I met up with the boys in the evening to go through some tunes we haven’t done in a while.
Wednesday – Me and Tony (The Indiependence) had a rehearsal in the morning, where ran through all of our repertoire ready for our first gig at the weekend. It went really well and left us pumped for the gig. In the evening I then went over to The Talbot in Burnley to perform with the No_Peace band, which barring the fact it was a school night and some people had to leave before we performed, we played really well.
Thursday – I met up with Andy Byrne to practise some songs that we’re (GizByrne) due to film and upload to YouTube. We’ve also been asked to do a wedding in March so we went through some songs for that.
Friday – We (Bashphelt) performed at the HML Pride Awards 2013. It was our first function gig since we decided to be a function band on the side and it went really well.
Saturday – We (The Indiependence) played our first gig, which was at Rolls-Royce Leisure. The place was packed, we played really well and we even had a full on naked man streaker. All round, it was a productive first gig I’d say and I’m looking forward to playing more.
Sunday – We (No_Peace) met up for a rehearsal and to add some new ideas to our set in preparation for the battle of bands final. I then went to The Strategy to watch Brian J Comber as I’ve never seen him before and was very impressed.

Just the one gig this week and that’s on Sun 17th Feb at the Duke of Lancaster in Colne with the No_Peace band. It’s a battle of the bands final and it will be a weird one as we’ll be up against our mates Emmott & The Folkestra. However, whatever the result I’m sure a good night will be had! I’m not sure what time it starts yet but keep an eye on my Twitter (@andrewRgilmour) for updates.

Cheers for reading and have a good week.



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