Weekly Update 4th Feb 2013

4 Feb
I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. If anyone has seen any good new bands or artists please do let me know. I went to watch Plan B on Saturday who was class and I was also very impressed with Labrinth. His music isn’t my sort of thing really but his performance was unreal and the man can certainly play guitar!
On Monday I was on West Craven Community Radio assisting Lissy Nicholson who sang and came across amazingly well! Her Dad recorded the appearance, so I’m going to sort the songs out in Pro Tools this week and upload them for those who missed it.
On Tuesday evening we (The Indiependence) got together and filmed 3 videos on Tony’s phone, just so people can get an idea of what we’re like in advance of our first gig. Please do go to our page and see what you reckon.
On Wednesday morning we (GizByrne) got well prepared with what new songs we’re going to tackle and we’re going to make a start on Thursday 🙂
On Saturday before heading to Manchester for the Plan B gig I had a recording session with Tom Richardson, where we made a start recording the guitar parts for his upcoming EP. We’re going to get those finished off this weekend then we can move on to vocals. I borrowed Bryan from The Reverb Factory Ltd‘s Simon & Patrick guitar for the session and it sounds amazing as always!
Yesterday we had a productive rehearsal with the No_Peace band, where we wrote a new song for Simmy to freestyle to there and then. Although personally I wasn’t on top form from the night before, it was certainly productive and we brought another song back in to the set too.

I have a couple of gigs this week. If you’re able to get down to either or both then your support is much appreciated.

Wed 6th Feb – I’m playing with the No_Peace band at The Talbot in Burnley at ‘Talbot Wednesdays’. It’s always a great event so please do get on down 8pm onwards.
Sat 9th Feb – We have our first gig with The Indiependence, which is at Rolls-Royce Leisure in Barnoldswick in the bar area. We’ve been practising really hard for it so we’re pumped and ready to go. As I said earlier, please do go on to our Facebook page to see what we’re like.

Have a good week!


Giz X

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