Weekly Update 28th Jan 2013

28 Jan


I hope all is well if you’re reading! I did 2 gigs last week, one with No_Peace on Thursday and one with GizByrne on Saturday. The gig with No_Peace was the 1st heat of a battle of the bands where we won and got through, so thanks to those who were there for your support! The GizByrne gig was at Green Street in Barnoldswick which was a great turn out and a top night, so thanks to those who came! It was also an achievement for us as it was the first gig we’ve done without guide sheets. All acoustic duo’s out there will know that to get gigging quickly, writing guide sheets and having them on a music stand for the songs you’re unsure of is the way forward. Therefore, doing our first gig without them was a test but we got through it.
As well as the gigs, I also enjoyed rehearsals with Gizbyrne, The IndiependenceBashphelt and Lissy Nicholson.

No gigs this week. However, I am performing with Lissy Nicholson tonight on West Craven Community Radio at 9pm. I mentor Lissy and she’s only 11 and very talented, so please be sure to tune in to learn more about her and to hear her sing.


Giz X

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