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9 Jun

Guitar (pic by Simone Nuttall)

Hi guys,

As you can see I’ve got terribly bad at updating this website. To be quite honest, I quite simply don’t have the time each week to write a blog anymore. However,  I update my Facebook page and my Twitter account regularly with what I’m up to musically. Therefore, if anyone reading this pops back here to read my updates (which I highly doubt) I am sorry and please go and like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter for regular updates.

To try and cut a long story short, since my last update (the one below this which was March 2013 not March 2014!) I still teach guitar at 4 primary schools, I won a pride of Barnoldswick award in June 2013 (apparantely for my teaching and the inspiration I provide to a generation of young musicians), I’ve moved house twice, been to Tenerife, been to Amserdam, been to Glasgow, started a new band called Suburban Symphony, played many gigs with the acts that are listed in the Guitar section of this site, bought a Mesa Boogie amp which Im absolutely buzzing about and all in all had some really good times with friends and family.

Like I said, if you want updates please do ‘like’ my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Below is video of my new band Suburban Symphony which I hope you like and thanks for the support:


Giz X

Weekly Update 7th March

7 Mar

Hello there.

Well, these weekly updates just get later and later don’t they! I’m not going to be unprofessional and tell you why I didn’t do it on Monday morning….but the word begins with J and ends in bomb and it’s a drink that the Greyhound in Barnoldswick serve where I was with great people enjoying great music on Sunday 🙂

Monday (25th Feb) – I teach in Salterforth Primary on a Monday and I’m teaching them a lot of new material at the moment which seems to be going really well.
Tuesday – I teach at Earby Springfield Primary on a Tuesday and the students there are also learning a lot of new material. Both Salterforth & Earby primary are all really quick learners and I’m looking forward to getting them up in front of their piers to perform a concert before they break up for Easter. At night time I went round to Tony’s to have a jam with The Indiependence. However, he was sounding very much like a walrus so we just wrote a set list instead for our gig on the Saturday.
Wednesday – After a day of private teaching, Tom caffled on Bashphelt practise so I had a night of relaxing with the missus.
Thursday – Me and Andy Byrne (GizByrne) recorded some videos, something we have been wanting to do for a while. We recorded them on my iPhone and they’re reyt enough. Please do go over to our page to watch them.
Friday – I gave a few private lessons and did some guitar practise myself. To be honest, due to teaching a lot I’m probably not practising enough to be ‘great’ at Flamenco…but I’m getting a little bit better I think.
Saturday – We had our 2nd gig with The Indiependence, which was at Green Street in Barnoldswick. We’ve only been jamming together since August and we’ve got a 38 song repertoire. On that night, because we’re really nice blokes we played them all! It was tiring but we were just really enjoying ourselves and our mates were blagging us to play more. It was a great night, thanks to those who came and our next gig is on Sun 31st March at the Strategy. The time of the gig is TBC…hopefully it will be during the day though.
Sunday – I met up with the No_Peace band for a jam early afternoon. Bob was ill but we soldiered on and went through our repertoire. We’ve got quite a few new ideas for songs too which we talked about. After this I went to The Greyhound in Barnoldswick for Lewis Bannister from Cert 21‘s 18th birthday party/open mic day. I did a set where I got different people who I play with up and it went a bit like this – Lissy Nicholson kicked off the set in fine style where we did 3 tracks, then Andy from GizByrne got up with his kazoo to do 3 tracks, then one of my students Brooke Phipps got up and sang for the first time ever in front of a crowd and did amazingly well, then Tone from The Indiependence got up and did a few tracks. We were happy to please the birthday boy Lewis and end on ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ which he requested. Noel Gallagher heard about this, then went and played it to finish his set at the Comic Relief concert last night didn’t he!

Just the one public gig this week, which is with Tom Hargreaves from Bashphelt at the Stone Trough in Kelbrook on Sunday (Mothers Day), 12-3pm. If you want to have a meal and be entertained by me and Tom at the same time then call them now to book on 01282 844844.


Giz X

Weekly Update 27th Feb 2013

27 Feb

Weekly Update:

Oreyt. I’m rather late with a weekly update this week as I usually do it on a Monday morning. However, a lie in was required on Monday before I started teaching at 12 as I’ve been feeling like dogger. I’m feeling much better now though.

Monday & Tuesday – I had no rehearsals on these days and as the schools were on half term, I used the time to catch up with general life stuff and organise some gigs as well as private teaching.
Wednesday – I was teaching privately during the day then I had a jam with the Bashphelt boys at night time. We had a good laugh jamming through some old songs of ours that we used to play when we were called Inflatable Love Sheep. Thursday – I had a good jam with Tom Hargreaves (from bashphelt) where we added in a few new songs to our acoustic set.
Friday – During the day I was recording Tom Richardson‘s vocal parts for his forthcoming EP, we got 2/4 tracks done and we’re going to record the other 2 tracks this week. At night time, me and Tom Hargreaves had an acoustic gig at the Cellar Bar & Bistro Barnoldswick. It was a top night where we played the new songs that we learnt the previous night and they seemed to go down well. After we played an acoustic version of ‘Boom Shake The Room’ at the end, a guy called Kirk who we had never met before asked if we knew ‘Getting Jiggy With It’. The answer was no. However, he knew all the words so we made up some chords on guitar and he stole the show. Thanks for that Kirk! It was hilarious though and I couldn’t believe he knew all the words.
Saturday – I had a gig at Rolls-Royce Leisure performing with Lissy Nicholson where we supported Red Confusion for their re-launch gig with a new singer. We were on first and considering the sound problems we encountered, Lissy did really well and gave a good top account of herself. Her level of professionalism for an 11 year old is unbelievable.
Following us were Midlife who had only played their first ever gig the night before. They were brilliant and a lot of fun to watch 🙂 It was strange for me as I’ve taught the guitarists in the band (Merx & Riles) from scratch. However, they haven’t had a lesson in a while as they’ve been busy at band camp and I was really proud of how they did. Onwards and upwards for Midlife!
Following Midlife were a band called Spacebats who I’ve never seen before. I really enjoyed their set and technically as musicians they were a spectacle! I’ll definitely be watching them again.
Last but not least were Red Confusion, performing for the first time with their new singer Mark Wright. After watching Spacebats, I’ve got to be honest I was thinking it was a bad idea for them to pick Spacebats as a supporting act as they were tremendous! However, Red Confusion certainly stepped up to the plate big time! Mark did great and the new covers they have brought in are great choices, particularly Plan B’s ‘Stay Too Long’. Good luck to them and I’m looking forward to seeing the lads play again soon! All round it was a great night had by all I reckon.
Sunday – I spent the afternoon recording Bob’s guitar parts for the forthcoming No_Peace EP. We got 3/5 tracks done and we’re going to get the other 2 tracks done this week. At night time I went to open mic night at the Cellar Bar where I performed 4 songs with Lissy Nicholson and 6 songs with The Indiependence. Again, Lissy was brilliant and the 2 new songs sounded like we’ve been playing them forever. The songs with The Indiependence went down really well too and 3 of them were brand new.

Just the one gig this week which is at Green Street in Barnoldswick with The Indiependence, 8.30pm onwards. We’ve put 6 new songs in to the set compared to our last gig. It was meant to be 10…then 8…now it’s 6 🙂 We’ve both been mad busy though so we’re happy that we’ve even got 6 together and we hope to see you there. Thanks in advance for your support.


Weekly Update 18th Feb 2013

18 Feb


It’s been a nervous week for me leading up to a battle of the bands final (which was yesterday) and its also been a busy week with rehearsals and teaching.

Monday – I went round to Tone’s to have a jam (together we are The Indiependence). Our aim is to get 10 new songs sorted for our next gig which is Sat 2nd March at Green Street in Barnoldswick. We got 5 sorted that night which is good going!
Tuesday – It was generally just a busy day of teaching and practising guitar, which is always a good day.
Wednesday – I started the day jamming with my good friend Andy Byrne (together we are GizByrne), we’re due to play a wedding in early March so we’re practising for that at the moment. We’re also aiming to have 4 videos online and a new song written by the time the wedding comes.
Thursday – I had another jam with Tone where we just went through the 5 songs that we sorted out on Monday night and had a brew.
Friday – I had a general day of admin and sorting things out, no matter what you do in life unfortunately paper work needs to be done at times!
Saturday – I had an enjoyable recording session with Tom Richardson, where we recorded the rest of the guitar parts for his EP. We’re going to record his vocals at some point this week which I’m looking forward to.

Sunday – We competed with the No_Peace band in a battle of the bands final at the Duke of Lancaster in Colne. I’ve been performing for 15 years but I was honestly feeling sick with nerves. However, after the first chord I was fine. Nerves are good though, they keep you on your toes and stop you from becoming complacent. I think giving yourself a reason to be a bit nervous is a good idea, so that you’re on your toes (keeping things fresh with a new song and changing the set around etc). However, the fact that we were playing in a battle of the bands final was enough to be nervous about and I didn’t need any more reasons!
The first band on were a band from York called Pine For Cedars. They reminded me of the sound Incubus had on the ‘A Crow Left of the Murder’ album and I enjoyed it.
The second band were Molly Bloom who I can quite simply say were tremendous. They’ve been together 12 years so they were super tight and I’ve never seen a band fuse together so many styles. They were all great players too and were really fun to watch.
The third band were my mates Emmott & The Folkestra, who as always were fantastic. I have a feeling that if they keep writing and playing at the rate they currently are, then there’s no reason why they’re not going to go far with their Punk driven upbeat Folk style.
The fourth band were us. We added a new intro to the set and a freestyle in the middle of the set compared to our last gig. It was only our 6th gig in 2 years and our 3rd gig with the current line up, so people don’t really know us and we’re trying to win people over at the moment. However, I like to think we have new fans after yesterday and it’s onwards and upwards.
Unfortunately, we didn’t win and the winners were Molly Bloom who thoroughly deserved it. All in all though it was a top day and I’m sure everyone would agree.

I have a couple of gigs this week:

Fri 22nd Feb – Me and Tom (the better half of Bashphelt) are playing an acoustic set at the Cellar Bar in Barnoldswick, 8.30pm onwards. We’re going to try adding in a load of new songs so we hope to see you there!
Sat 23rd Feb – Red Confusion who I used to play with are re-launching at Rolls-Royce Leisure in Barnoldswick with their new singer (Mark Wright). I’m performing with Lissy Nicholson who I mentor and we’re opening the show at 8pm. Lissy is only 11 and is a great singer, be sure to get there from the start to show your support.


Giz X

Weekly Update 11th Feb 2013

11 Feb


Its certainly been my busiest week of 2013 so far but an enjoyable one. Amongst teaching I enjoyed rehearsals with Bashphelt, The Indiependence, GizByrne & No_Peace. However, I also enjoyed gigs with No_Peace, Bashphelt & The Indiependence.

Monday – I did a guitar assembly at my old primary school (Gisburn Road). It went really well and I’m due to start teaching there after half term.
Tuesday – I met up with the boys in the evening to go through some tunes we haven’t done in a while.
Wednesday – Me and Tony (The Indiependence) had a rehearsal in the morning, where ran through all of our repertoire ready for our first gig at the weekend. It went really well and left us pumped for the gig. In the evening I then went over to The Talbot in Burnley to perform with the No_Peace band, which barring the fact it was a school night and some people had to leave before we performed, we played really well.
Thursday – I met up with Andy Byrne to practise some songs that we’re (GizByrne) due to film and upload to YouTube. We’ve also been asked to do a wedding in March so we went through some songs for that.
Friday – We (Bashphelt) performed at the HML Pride Awards 2013. It was our first function gig since we decided to be a function band on the side and it went really well.
Saturday – We (The Indiependence) played our first gig, which was at Rolls-Royce Leisure. The place was packed, we played really well and we even had a full on naked man streaker. All round, it was a productive first gig I’d say and I’m looking forward to playing more.
Sunday – We (No_Peace) met up for a rehearsal and to add some new ideas to our set in preparation for the battle of bands final. I then went to The Strategy to watch Brian J Comber as I’ve never seen him before and was very impressed.

Just the one gig this week and that’s on Sun 17th Feb at the Duke of Lancaster in Colne with the No_Peace band. It’s a battle of the bands final and it will be a weird one as we’ll be up against our mates Emmott & The Folkestra. However, whatever the result I’m sure a good night will be had! I’m not sure what time it starts yet but keep an eye on my Twitter (@andrewRgilmour) for updates.

Cheers for reading and have a good week.



Weekly Update 4th Feb 2013

4 Feb
I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. If anyone has seen any good new bands or artists please do let me know. I went to watch Plan B on Saturday who was class and I was also very impressed with Labrinth. His music isn’t my sort of thing really but his performance was unreal and the man can certainly play guitar!
On Monday I was on West Craven Community Radio assisting Lissy Nicholson who sang and came across amazingly well! Her Dad recorded the appearance, so I’m going to sort the songs out in Pro Tools this week and upload them for those who missed it.
On Tuesday evening we (The Indiependence) got together and filmed 3 videos on Tony’s phone, just so people can get an idea of what we’re like in advance of our first gig. Please do go to our page and see what you reckon.
On Wednesday morning we (GizByrne) got well prepared with what new songs we’re going to tackle and we’re going to make a start on Thursday 🙂
On Saturday before heading to Manchester for the Plan B gig I had a recording session with Tom Richardson, where we made a start recording the guitar parts for his upcoming EP. We’re going to get those finished off this weekend then we can move on to vocals. I borrowed Bryan from The Reverb Factory Ltd‘s Simon & Patrick guitar for the session and it sounds amazing as always!
Yesterday we had a productive rehearsal with the No_Peace band, where we wrote a new song for Simmy to freestyle to there and then. Although personally I wasn’t on top form from the night before, it was certainly productive and we brought another song back in to the set too.

I have a couple of gigs this week. If you’re able to get down to either or both then your support is much appreciated.

Wed 6th Feb – I’m playing with the No_Peace band at The Talbot in Burnley at ‘Talbot Wednesdays’. It’s always a great event so please do get on down 8pm onwards.
Sat 9th Feb – We have our first gig with The Indiependence, which is at Rolls-Royce Leisure in Barnoldswick in the bar area. We’ve been practising really hard for it so we’re pumped and ready to go. As I said earlier, please do go on to our Facebook page to see what we’re like.

Have a good week!


Giz X

Weekly Update 28th Jan 2013

28 Jan


I hope all is well if you’re reading! I did 2 gigs last week, one with No_Peace on Thursday and one with GizByrne on Saturday. The gig with No_Peace was the 1st heat of a battle of the bands where we won and got through, so thanks to those who were there for your support! The GizByrne gig was at Green Street in Barnoldswick which was a great turn out and a top night, so thanks to those who came! It was also an achievement for us as it was the first gig we’ve done without guide sheets. All acoustic duo’s out there will know that to get gigging quickly, writing guide sheets and having them on a music stand for the songs you’re unsure of is the way forward. Therefore, doing our first gig without them was a test but we got through it.
As well as the gigs, I also enjoyed rehearsals with Gizbyrne, The IndiependenceBashphelt and Lissy Nicholson.

No gigs this week. However, I am performing with Lissy Nicholson tonight on West Craven Community Radio at 9pm. I mentor Lissy and she’s only 11 and very talented, so please be sure to tune in to learn more about her and to hear her sing.


Giz X